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Wood Batik

Kealoha has devised the way to perform a process very similar to fabric batiks on to wood.  The process is called Wood Batik and uses Dyes and Resists to use the wood grain to bring life to his art work.  He has begun teaching this process to new students that will join K-Aloha.Art in spreading this beauty coast-to-coast and beyond.


The Process

Each original work is drafted by hand prior to applying dyes.  As the lighter shades are dried, resist is applied to allow the next shade of dye to be applied without overlapping each other.  This process is tedious but provides a very unique result.  This image shows the art work done on two sheets of wood that are 8-feet tall and 4-feet wide.


The Beauty

This image shows the process is the same regardless of the size.  The artist chooses the type of wood for each piece to help convey "the story" the image is telling.  This is the perfect blend of the "Art of Nature" and the "Art of Man".  The term "Organic" is often used to describe this very unique Art.

Contact the Artist Kealoha

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Or give him a call at 407-415-2437

His original pieces are much better than prints.  Every home is ready for a Kealoha Wood Batik original.  Call Kealoha and he will make an original and mail it to you.  He also travels the USA to attend various art shows.

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Video of Kealoha

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